Wall to Wall: Review of More Journeys

Art Beat
by Ken Weiderman

So where do you go after soaking up Gold’s colors? Piante Gallery’s exhibition of Lori Goodman’s new works, Journeys, is a good choice. Goodman’s sensitive sculptures, installations and wall hangings proclaim a love of paper, form and travel.

One room shivers with luscious reds, flooding the walls like the royal velvet of a king’s throne room. Another room drips with dangling, chunky sculptures inspired by yak butter cheese. Like sausages on a string, hand-made paper is stretched over wire armatures that blow in the wind each time a visitor enters the door. Some may see French fries, others, musical instruments. The diversity of Goodman’s shapes references the natural materials used in her work, and strolling among them ignites those primal parts of our brains that connect us to the earth.