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Piante Gallery, Eureka, California 2014
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White Cheese
7 feet x 5 feet x 1.5 feet
wier, handmade kozo paper, linen cord, hand forged nails
White cheese detail
Tsa Tsas
cast hemp and pampas grass
Tsa Tsas detail
round reed, kozo, dye, charcoal, linen cord, hand forged nails
Relics detail
More Relics
round reed, wire, dye encaustic, cast resin, handspun ramie cord
More relics detail
More relics detail II
More Journeys view III
Yellow Cheese
wire, kozo, yellow dye, linen cord, hand forged nails
Yellow cheese detail
Hanging pieces
cast flax, hemp, linen cord
Hanging pieces detail
Hanging pieces detail II

These pieces are about images that I have seen around the world. “Cheese” in particular is a response that I had to yak cheese. Yak cheese is displayed elegantly in Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, and elsewhere. I loved everything about it, except the taste. I was drawn to the way it was displayed: hanging on long poles, strung across rafters, in doorways. It was ingeniously made using ancient processes, thoughtfully displayed, beautiful, and tough.