Journeys III

Black Faun Gallery, 2017
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Lori B Goodman
Lori B Goodman
2 Huts

2 Huts 12 feet x 16 feet x 8 feet
Two hut like structures made from Cotoneaster branches, handmade kozo paper, and kakishibu. 

2 Huts

Two Huts, view 2

Two Huts, detail

Red Wall rearranged 8 feet x 36 feet
Handmade paper of kozo, hemp, flax, encaustic, red dye and silk threads

Blue Hut 22 inches diameter.  
Round reed, unbeaten Kozo, indigo dye

Hut #4 40 Inches diameter
Round reed, handmade kozo paper, red silk thread.

Artifacts and maquettes My artifacts and maquettes, sculptural models or drawings, of round reed, handmade kozo, flax, hemp fibers with ramie and hemp cords.

I have had many transformative journeys in my life.  I have traveled, hiked, and liven in wonderful place.  I am fascinated by process:  I want to know how the roof is thatched, how the hut is made, what the cord or thread is, where the natural dye comes from, how the hive or nest is constructed.  These basic constructions are at the root of who we are and what we can do. They are all so very sophisticated in their simplicity.  These forms also speak of community, of building cooperatively using indigenous materials.