Journeys III
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This show is a journey. I have had many transformative journeys in my life. I have traveled, hiked, and lived in wonderful places. I am fascinated by process: I want to know how the roof is thatched, how the hut is made, where the natural dye comes from, how the hive or nest is constructed. These basic constructions are at the root of who we are and what we can do; all so very sophisticated in their simplicity. These forms also speak of community, of building together and using that which is found in our own environments. Yarn is made from local sheep, yak, or other indigenous animals. Dye stuff is picked from local fields; bamboo, palms, reeds, redwoods are used to build homes. Rope and paper come from hemp, flax, kozo, agave — this list is long. I am not dissing progress or dismissing contemporary materials, just lauding what is at our fingertips and will, hopefully, always be available for us to return to. I am observing life as a maker, an artist. My observations become internalized and then manifest themselves in abstractions that can have many interpretations, for myself as well as my audience.