For Morris

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This has been a very interesting and thought provoking endeavor. From here to there – from Morris’s beginnings in a shack in La Conner, Washington, to The Rock, to his last attempt at peace for himself – The Lake in Humboldt County. Morris Graves was a searcher for a mystical peace and silence. One of his vehicles in this search was obviously his painting but almost equally important was for him to create environments and places in which to envelope himself, and that would also be reflective of this quest.

The environments Morris chose, The Pacific Northwest, Loleta, and Ireland have similar ambiences: cool, damp, foggy, mysterious. The connection from Here to There is strong environmentally and emotionally; a further connection is Morris Graves.

His houses and building projects that were to bring him satisfaction seemed often to bring turmoil and strife. “He had a compulsive inner vision”. I seem to have acquired that vision for this project. I am offering him a very simple place to be. This place is made of hemp paper bricks, is as basic as possible and just big enough to fit him. Perhaps this in an homage to his beginnings in the small “ghostly place” of a studio in La Conner, Washington to his grand but similar ambience of The Lake. Perhaps there is silence within.