At Bay: An Installation by Lori Goodman

This essay was prepared by HSU students: Ryan Cox, Stepanie Guel, Jill Moore, Jon McCallum, Adam Poore, Charissa Schulze and Brian Tyzzer.

Lori Goodman’s installation, At Bay, is based on her observations made during numerous hikes through the Eureka Wildlife Sanctuary, whose beauty and ecological complexity she believes is locally underappreciated. Her desire with this exhibition is to draw attention to the sanctuary while making a cohesive gallery installation.

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Review of Ghostdancing, Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson and Lori Goodman

by Jane Ingram Allen
Sculpture Magazine, International Sculpture Center
Melvin Schuler Sculpture Garden, Morris Graves Museum of Art

I first saw Ghostdancing, a collaborative earthwork installation by sculptors Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson and Lori Goodman, on a beautiful spring day filled with the strange Northern California light that is filtered through giant redwoods and softened by moisture from the Pacific. The installation took advantage of the light and transformed the space.

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Accessibility 2003 artists

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Lori Goodman of Eureka, Calif., has tentatively titled her installation “Paper Grass.” It will fill a vacant lot with paper grass made from handmade paper, mostly black or dark tones in color. Each blade of grass will be about 6 to 18 inches to 7 feet high.

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