Gimme Shelter

Lori Goodman’s installation and JoAnne Berke’s milestones


Lori Goodman’s new installation centers on two large, contoured forms that protrude from the wall. These vaguely tent-like structures are spaced so that they almost touch at their shared boundary. Their rugged surfaces are fashioned from handmade, hand-dyed paper dressed over flexible armatures, the material Goodman has long favored for her constructions. Scale lends these objects a rangy, ungainly look. They burgeon in unexpected ways, barging beyond the wall and into adjacent space.

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Architectural Art: Great ‘JOURNEYS’


This week’s Artwaves examines “JOURNEYS III” with this exhibit’s creator Lori Goodman. Her exhibit is at Eureka’s Black Faun Gallery through Feb. 10. Among the displayed works is one Goodman created out of an invasive plant, whose branches she clipped and stripped and wove together to form “twin huts.” Goodman will give a talk and demonstration Jan. 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the gallery. Listen to the Dec. 26 interview in our Archives.

Points of Egress

Art in the airport

by Gabrielle Gopinath
April 13, 2017

Not long ago, I found myself in the recently renamed California Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport, looking at art. Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to the airport as arts venue…

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The Pythians: Art, Photography, Poetry & Video by Women of Maturity. An on line review

Lori Goodman: Lush Installations

Here and There, Topographic Conversations with Morris Graves

Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, Washington
The Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, California


Paper Art Soul by Prue Dobinson, Schoeni Art Gallery, Norwich England

Unexpected Destinations

New work by Lori Goodman at Piante

Our experiences shape us, and we all have different ways of processing and sharing them. Some of us blog about travel or culinary discoveries, some compile photo albums, others prefer telling anecdotes around the water cooler. Whatever the vehicle, this kind of sharing is an important part of how we connect with others and to the world at large.

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Wall to Wall: Review of More Journeys

Art Beat
by Ken Weiderman

So where do you go after soaking up Gold’s colors? Piante Gallery’s exhibition of Lori Goodman’s new works, Journeys, is a good choice. Goodman’s sensitive sculptures, installations and wall hangings proclaim a love of paper, form and travel.

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Review of Pink

Art Beat
by R.W. Evans

Marilyn Andrews and Lori Goodman have a duo show at Piante Gallery. (I’m tempted to use all caps for this announcement, but I’ve been told that would be shouting.) This is not a collaboration as such, but separate presentations with each artist expressing her concise vision while being keenly aware of the other……

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MARSHLANDS, an interpretation

Finding the angular side of water

I once went for a hike in Eureka’s Elk River Wildlife Area with Lori Goodman. I’ve driven past that area on Broadway at the end of Hilfiker Lane numerous times and never knew that there was anything behind those industrial-looking buildings. Lori took me over six miles through grassy marshes.

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